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Allen and Jenny Di Lello have several times before appeared in Denmark.Click here to see photos from the performance, Circus Mascot opened the season on 2 April.

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mid-May. Magic Theatres open all year around: L'antre magique, christian gambin presents various shows with magic, fun and balloons, show aimed at younger children and their parents. But this contract has not been renewed. Li Chen did magic in a stylish, oriental and colourful costume and with many beautiful props. Pictures from LA foire DU trone. . And it is really music hall. Wuquiao troupe, saltos combined with lasso swinging and twirling - breathtaking! This is a feature unique in Europe, the show attracts people who have hundreds of other shows to choose from. In other countries: Hospital clowns: Humour Foundation - Australia Rote Nasen - Austria Clini Clowns - Holland Clown ONE - Italy Jeanni Lindheim's Hospitals Clown Troup - USA Sairaalaklovnit - Finland Clownronden - Sweden- See more: p See here also info about the international clown. Now they are coming to Denmark for the first time with the brand new performance: La Vie, with the Devil himself as Ringmaster. This was a precious piece of culture and history - Robert Houdin would have been happy, had he experienced. They were followed by Alexandra Kapitanskaja in an entrée with acrobatics in a large ring. Circus casino Krone is the smallest of the Danish circuses. Jimmy Campbells career began at the Casino Theatre in Copenhagen, where the brothers were extras in some performances. Photos by courtesy of Circus Arli The Danish dog and pony show Circus Mascot has its opening night in Roslev in the northern part of Jutland on 2 April. Her dreams are visualized by acrobats, dancers, jugglers, vitamix antipodians, plate-spinners, equilibrists and comics. Of cause it ended up in a mess. Kim was followed by Miss olga in a tissue entrée. Husik In Skive you can from 9 to 12 February meet Charlies One Man Circus (Einar Trie) as part of the indoor Tivoli Legeland Hop og Rul. Then Jess comes in with his 4 ponies in liberty dressage before Gulio enters the ring with two trained cocks. The aim is to remember and to honour four great magic entertainers, all of whom had a brilliant career - also in the circus ring.

The fabulous pigeon trainer andrejs fjodorovs. Both children and adults shouted with joy. Elegant acrobatics with aerial straps, musician and more, we have constructed a new belforr studio in connection to our apartment and are also still using the former butcher shop. Other visitor tells of similar low number of visitor other days. The Finnish audience can now look forward to see the formidable clown couple. Kevin grüss AND julia friedrich, silver and Bronze awards in each category. Comedian, juggler, will award Gold, it is a wooden construction, we are happy gorge to say that it was a huge success with the audience as well as the critics. It has as all camels a long neck. But the two characteristic humps on the back come first when it is older.

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Dany Daniel Elvis Errani had brought his 3 Indian elephants to the sachets harbour. Wonderful to see the 3 brothers who are probably in the late thirties. Managed by the great circus family bouglione. It was circus owner Irene Thierrys 25 years anniversary season. He has also had other projects in the pipeline which never have been realised. David Hammerberg Circus Mascot performs in week 42 in the grocery store Bilka in Holstebro and at week 44 casinos in Horsens at the shopping mall.

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    southeastern part of France on the shores of the Mediterranean, Carry-le-Rouet. Casino de Sanary-sur-Mer (36mi.). Nous espèrons avoir le plaisir de vous accueillir prochainement au sein du Casino Ruhl

The 2009 season closed on 7 September in Sorö.