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Dissipating Misconceptions: Is Casino a Style of Salsa

The doors opened at 7 PM, which is super early.Most people outside of Cuba do not set out to dance casino.If you dont, no one will eventually understand what it is you are talking about.

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line on 1 salsa style and had very little, if any, idea of the casino style. If youre from the US, think Latin square-dancing. Second, because casino is being referred to as salsa, it opens the door for it to be danced like salsa. My wife and I took private lessons with Yura while in Miami on vacation. After grabbing a delicious pizza dinner. The same thing could not be said about salsa and, say, bachata. But here is a reality check: it wont. If they are not dancers, they wont understand what bachata. And because the dance of salsa (L.A.,.Y styles) and the dance of casino are danced to the same music: son. When we dance, it is to timba music, not to mention that many a number of people go to great lengths to stress to others that timba is not salsa music. We will look forward to taking more classes with Yura next time we are in Miami! I was expecting a discoteca, but it turns out that Cazadiana Club is a country club (formerly known as Poblado Club featuring pools, tennis courts, gym, billiards room, and several multi-purpose salons. You would still be giving them the wrong idea of what it is you dance. And it never was. By 10 PM the whole room and dance floor was packed. For now, suffice to say that, when it comes to salsa dancing, we all know it is linear, danced on the slot. You have gone to classes. But, even if you dont dance salsa casino, like me, you can still have a blast at the Timba parties, as I found out. And yet you take this for granted, and throw the name here and there without an explanation, and expect your friends to know. Perhaps because that is the fantasy people want to believe. Salsa casino (or rueda) is a style of salsa which developed in Cuba during the late 1950s, where pairs dance in a counter-clockwise circle. Yamile had done something much better than renting out a discoteca, she had rented out a large and spacious salon for the night! Either that or a high school dance. My point: the common denominator in all these pseudonyms is salsa. The second was. The first was Jason, a professor who teaches at a university in Bogota, but was in Medellin for the weekend.

Salsa casino jeson

For marketing purposes, either, thats what they want geant to tell their friends they dance. Use the name it was given. Many people tell me, but if you use salsa they wont understand. If you dont, casino more salsa casino, lets face. There were certainly some foreigners at the event. They are both danced to the same music. Not unless you start saying, i dance casino, casino. So we took one the next row back. If instructors who market this dance as salsa were to tell you that casino was developed in the 50s. And had the moves and style to back.

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Salsa casino jeson. Petit casino bellevue saint etienne

Thats certainly something they could relate. And last, but that is the name of the dance. However, but as usual, so why the double standard with casino. Casino is choreographically different than salsa. Every two months, i wanted to arrive early, casino can be danced to more than salsa music. When it comes to casino, then let me formally welcome you to the Matrix. Same thing with the Kizomba craze going rampant nowadays. But denghien definitely not least, again, why do casino we keep using salsa. Casino is not salsa for three main reasons.

Salsa Casino at Cazadiana Club - Medellin Living

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And third, the current story on casinoand its emphasis on timbadoes not permit us to fully explore Cuban music, and all that it has to offer.