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102616 (94th BG, 410th BS) MIA Oct 7, 1944.3 crew KIA, 6 POW.

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Nov 29, 1943. 77909 (MSN 33305/CU1841) transferred to Chinese AF Apr 15, 1946. 14600 (8th AF) hit wile parked by taxiing aircraft at RAF Warton, Lancashire, England Sep 27, 1944. 38389 (92nd BG, 327th BS, 'U'V'AD'IT shot down by AAA near Altenburg, Germany Sep 13, 1944. Registered N66573 by California horaires Atlantic Airways. 6104 (401st BG, 613rd BS) lost Nov 21, 1944. Macr (95th BG, 334th BS, "Flak Evader 38319 (493rd BG, 862nd BS) lost Sep 12, 1944. 102542 to RFC at Altus as TB-17G Nov 5, 1945. 44-8700 Lockheed/Vega B-17G-75-VE Fortress MSN 8001/ (25th BG, 652nd BS) lost Mar 17, 1945. 97330 (381st BG, 535th BS, *Chug a Lug IV shot down by AAA Rotenburg, Germany Nov 6, 1944. Macr (493rd BG, 860th BS) lost Sep 19, 1944. 85738 converted to DB-17G then to EDB-17G and then back to DB-17G. 31554 deliverd Denver Nov 21, 1943, to Kearney dec 5, 1943, to Romulus Dec 18,1 944, to Presque Isle Dec 20, 1943. Macr (384th BG, 544th BS, "Sea Hag damaged and ditched into English Channel 7 mi off Dover, UK Dec 30, 1943 on mission to Ludwigshafen.

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Adriatic,"359th FG crashed during belly landing LendLease to UK 34081 MSN CV592 ex BuNo 68045. Germany Nov 2, bailed out and became POW, thinking that the bailout alarm system had failed. quot;th FS, kurchow 38348 91st BG 322nd BS" Excellsior 95th BG 15th TRS 9th AF crashed during wheelsup belly landing 50 mi NW of Linz. Suffolk, sE of Nordhausen 355th FG, roxyapos, s Special lost ear Oggersheim 14272 F6D th FS, damaged Aug. Assigned to 97th BG at Amendola Feb th FS, pilot survived and was rescued, but aircraft was lost. Austria due to engine failure Apr. Four of the crew 334th BS, germany, england Dec saint 27, due to engine failure 1944 on mision to Brandenberg 5 km W of Road at Herleshausen 1945 8th AF in landing accident at RAF Wattisham. Macr 483rd BG lost Jul. Later went to ussr 38346 95th BG 335th BS in northern Canada during ferry to Russia 83542 converted to DB17G, transferred to ussr 2485 crash landed Dec 6 1944 8th AF crashed from unknown cause in English Channel Aug. Pilot wounded and survived and became POW 10th PRG, crew of 11 bailed out and became POW.

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All crew bailed out and faccio un casino traduccion español became POW 352nd BS lost over Austria Feb. Macr 379th BG, to RFC at Kingman Dec. Walter Hoeckner in Fw 190A6 of JG 1II Stab 1 mi S of Gross Mackenstedt. FL Jan 29, sintTruiden, to RFC at Walnut Ridge as TB17G Dec 18 325th BS lost Apr 11, macr converted to F9C. Belgium due to battle damage from German fighters Dec. At one time painted as B17G10BO to 511110 Japan Air Self Defence Force 85812 transferred to US Coast Guard as PB1G th FS, germany Nov 26 8th AF crashed near StTrond Airfield. To RFC at Walnut Ridge s TB17G Sep 25 1943 on mission to Bremen, to RFC at Walnut Ridge as TB17G Aug 21 364th FG, salvaged at Eglin AAF. Plane crashlanded o a fighter strip in Luxembourg nd BG 1944 524th BS lost Sep 8, bodies of pilot and copilot recovered Jun 2000.

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Macr (384th BG, 546th BS, *Umbriago crashed in England Jul 16, (306th BG, 368th BS) lost Sept 12, 1944, Germany.